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★The Melting Rebel and the Insignificant Fraud✩

All the saturation was sucked out of me. Hoping to find some other people who can relate to me... its unlikely.


my dad and sister came home and they went to the salvation army and brought home some chairs and i said “you shouldn’t buy from them because they discriminate gays” and my dad sarcastically replied “well then no gay asses have sat in our chair” and i said “i can change that” and sat in one that is how i accidentally came out to my family

this made my life XD

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do you ever see someone and know that you will never be friends bc they’re too cool for you

Umm… If you don’t mind… I would prefer if you didn’t stalk my life and post about it. Thanks.

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Progression of my life.

Progression of my life.

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                                  Since  the  dawn  of  recorded  history,
                                  something   like   110  billion   human
                                  beings have been born into this world.
                                  And not a single one of them made it.

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